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Apron Reconstruction Project


Project Description

Sumter County reconstructed part of their existing asphalt apron with new concrete pavement.  The existing apron was showing several signs of pavement distress, deteriorating, and creating a potential for Foreign Object Debris (FOD).  The new apron reconstruction ties to the existing concrete apron and the limits match the limits of existing asphalt.  Although the apron limits remained the same, the layout was reconfigured to maximize parking and access for aircraft transitioning from hangars.

The apron currently serves several jet aircraft that use Sumter as their home airport.  It is anticipated that additional traffic may be added as hangars are built and the airport continues to grow.  Reconstructing the apron with concrete pavement provides sufficient support for the existing jet aircraft and planes that use the tie-downs and fuel farm regularly.  In addition, using concrete significantly improves the strength and durability of the apron, and matches the existing concrete apron along the terminal building.

Project Description

  • Project Location:

    Sumter Airport (SMS) | Sumter, SC

  • Project Owner:

    Sumter County

  • Contract Type:

    5-Year On-Call Contract

Holt Consulting Company Contributed:

  • Design and Bidding
  • Project Management
  • Permitting
  • Construction Phase Services

Project Highlights

Holt staff coordinated closely with the County, FAA, and SCAC, to review the existing pavement section and aircraft traffic mix to justify the use of concrete.  A Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) was completed as part of the review process.  Shortly after the project was completed, it was immediately used by several jet aircraft.

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